What is Alli?

Alli is a weight loss program that is based around the Alli pill to lose weight, with risks and side effects, accompanied by a manual. The Alli program itself is nothing new. What is new is that Alli is the first drug in the category of anti-obesity pill sold in mass approved by the FDA, and is the first slimming drug to be approved for sale without prescription in Europe (for European Commission). The active ingredient in Alli is Orlistat. The way it works is simple. Read also our record of drugs for weight loss, slimming pill.

How Orlistat (the active ingredient in Alli) is working?

When you decide to take a bite of food, this food is composed of three nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats). Also read: calories, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids of over 500 foods.

These substances have all the energy, an energy also known as calories. Each food has different nutrients. An apple is composed of more carbohydrates (sugar), while the lawyer is composed mainly of fat. When you digest these substances, your body stores them where they should go, or stored for later use. If you have excess energy (calories), this is when the body gains weight, by storing these nutrients. Read also: Nutrients essential nutrients to consume the 7 priority.

Orlistat comes into play whenever you eat fat. When you eat fat and it enters your digestive system will work automatically Orlistat some of that fat and prevent the fat from being broken down by natural enzymes in your body. Read also: Burn Fat: Tips and exercises to burn fat.

As this fat can not float forever in the body, your body will pass it through your digestive system in the intestine and possibly through your intestines. In short, the pill Alli converts some of your fat intake as a kind of source of “fiber”. Also read: Improve digestion, advice to digest easily.

Just like when you eat fiber, your body can not break down the fat of Orlistat attached to it passes through your digestive system. It also means that the energy (calories) does not count, so that the fat you eat are not absorbed. Read also: Fiber: how to include more fiber in your diet.

And explained, this does not sound so bad for Alli. But like everything else, all is not as simple.

Problems of Alli

First, the pill Alli alone will not do anything to the fat you’ve stored before. This means that if you already have a reserve of fat in your body and want to get rid of it, you should always make a reduced calorie diet and physical exercise as an accompaniment. Read also: Exercise: 5 rules to change in the training.

That is what the Alli program offers a program of diet + pill Alli = fat loss. The feeding program proposed by Alli program is no different from other plans that currently exist that aim to lose weight. Consume fewer calories and in this case, eat foods low in fat. Alli’s recommendations range from 1 200 to 2 000 calories per day depending on whether you’re a woman or a man. Also calculate your calorie needs per day.

The most important is based on guidelines in fat consumption. You have a certain amount of fat to take some points and at certain times. This is not something new and do not eat too many calories as fat does not prevent you from consuming too many calories in general (all food included). Have we not learned anything about the craze for low-fat? What is new and even more surprising is what happens if you exceed the guidelines for fat intake. If you take a lot of fat, you will have what is called “treatment effects”. Read also: Consume fewer calories per day: 7 tips.

What are the “treatment effects” Alli?

The effects of treatment are the most popular that you’ve probably heard about with this kind of medication for your saddle.

The simple reason is that your body can not break down and digest fats with Alli, your body will then put the grease on a fast track to serve. Since fat is oil, when they arrive at the final stage, they are still in a liquid form. They then become an excellent lubricant for the movement of stools you have already stored in the body. This could lead to leaks, wet farts, diarrhea, and a sudden event where you could at any moment “go” without retaining control power. Read also: Reduce fat mass, decrease body fat.

To add more fun to do this, you consume more fat in your diet, the greater the likelihood of these problems happened. This is part of the amendment “behavioral” linked to Alli. They warn you and if you eat too much fat, your “punishment” is an accident in your pants. Read also: 10 tips to reduce fat in the diet.

What other side effects of Alli?

Orlistat has been prescribed for years in order for its ability to treat obesity (under the trade name Xenical). This means that, until now, you can only get this ingredient by chemical prescription, go see a doctor. The good news is that orlistat has been marketed for some time now, scientists have been able to thoroughly test this ingredient. Read also: Tesofensine: New diet drug soon very powerful.

What they found is interesting, but apparently not interesting enough to reveal to the advisory council that is responsible for providing the marketing agreement without prescription medication. Read also: Zotrim: a pill natural appetite suppressant Zotrim lose weight.

Neal Benowitz, a professor of medicine and biopharmaceutical sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, said “it was not in any of the documents we reviewed,” commenting on problem homes aberrant crypts (ACF, aberrant crypt foci). “Unless it is indicated by the manufacturer or the FDA, or unless someone testifies, we could not know.” Also read: Too many people are unaware that obesity causes cancer.

So, what was found on a drug that lead to this kind of omission of information? What other side effects of Alli? What is the problem of aberrant crypt foci (ACF, aberrant crypt foci)?

One study showed a significant increase in the incidence of aberrant crypt foci in making the chemical ingredient Orlistat (the ingredient used in the pills Alli). These homes are widely regarded as a precursor of colon cancer. This is not a biased study conducted by a competing manufacturer of Alli. The U.S. National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Institute, NCI) conducted the study, which established a link between aberrant crypt foci and colon cancer. Read also: Diet and exercise can reduce cancer rates by 33%.

Another disturbing problem that may exist is the risk of breast cancer. “In seven randomized controlled trials, there were 10 cases of breast cancer in the groups treated with Orlistat while there is only one case of breast cancer in the control groups. Relative risk of getting breast cancer during the period of taking Orlistat (compared to placebo) was calculated repeatedly by both the FDA and by the author. Risk varies between 4-7 times (4 to 7 times more risk of getting breast cancer during the period without taking Orlistat Orlistat), according to the analysis. Read also: Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients.

But you could say that aberrant crypt foci are not a problem or you do not worry about the appearance of cancer potentially caused by the ingredient contained in the pills Orlistat Alli. But do you care about your hair, your nails grow, the aging of the skin, have good cholesterol (HDL)? If you care, Alli may not be suitable for you. Read also: Cholesterol: Cholesterol lowering with 8 tips.

Indeed, when you block the absorption of fat in the body, you block the valuable nutrients that can provide the grease. We have already learned many studies how fat can be valuable and important to the functioning core of the organization. Now as you should limit your intake of fat to a low level (remember accidents saddle mentioned above and would like to avoid), and in addition some of these fats will be blocked on a day your percentage of fat from your diet will decrease so that it can no longer provide the best basis functions for your organization. The negative effects of this decline will make things worse between your hair and your skin to your levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Read also: Healthy Skin: Keep skin healthy with 10 foods.

Do the benefits of Alli are enough to take the risk?

The prudent response would be NO, the benefits of Alli are not enough. Give this medicine a few years and then see with scientific studies if problems arise. There are possibilities for studies of the U.S. National Cancer Institute are confirmed by the negative testimony of people who took Alli pills. Read also: The drug Alli not a substitute for healthy living.

Not to mention that with Alli, it will not in any way easy. You will still not eating well (to adopt good eating habits), can not eat certain foods, and should always scrutinize the toilet no matter where you are there to run into trouble if your saddle has a accident. Also read: Want to lose weight? Do not rely on pills.

Finally, Alli is OTC (from 6 May 2009 in France), without prescription, so it will not be reimbursed by the Sécurité Sociale (France). Read also: The pill Alli has been bought by 156,000 French.

If you still choose to buy Alli (60 euros per box Alli 60mg 84 pills – for 1 month of treatment – in medicine, at 3 pills per day, 1 pill per meal) after reading our analysis, RegimesMaigrir.com you that:

* Alli is for adults over 18 years
* Alli should not be taken by people allergic to orlistat, disorders of the liver, gallbladder, kidney stones or chronic malabsorption syndrome (failure of absorption of food through the digestive tract )
* You must tell your doctor if you have impaired liver or kidney, or if you are under medical treatment,
* Alli is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding
* Treatment with Alli can potentially alter the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). For the vast majority of patients treated with Alli, up to two years in clinical trials, blood levels of vitamins A, D, E and K and beta-carotene remained within the normal limits. To meet the nutritional balance, the dieters, if they choose to take Alli, should opt for a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and a multivitamin supplement. The multivitamin supplement is recommended, and it must be taken at least two hours after administration of Alli or at bedtime,
* If you have not lost weight after 12 weeks of medication Alli, you should consult a physician before continuing treatment,
* You should not take the drug Alli over 6 months now.

Alli How could this happen in pharmacies prescription can remain a mystery to many people, including scientists from the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Now it is sold without prescription (in the version just 60 milligrams, 120 milligrams version – marketed by Roche under the name XENICAL – requires in turn a requirement), we’ll see in years to come observable side effects. Read also: Victoza, anti-diabetes medication by losing weight than Xenical.

Alli is a registered trademark owned by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. Also read our special article “Pill Alli: principle, advantages and disadvantages.