What is Diflucan?

Diflucan is an antifungal antibiotic indicated for women suffering from vaginal candida. Its active ingredient fluconazole, reduces recovery time from illness and relieves discomfort and symptoms that can often lead to vaginal yeast. Clinical studies have shown that Diflucan:

  • Effectively treats vaginal yeast with a single intake
  • Relieves symptoms of vaginal candida in less than 24 hours
  • Involves a minimal incidence of side effects

Diflucan is a prescription drug safe and highly effective. In fact, this drug has a minimal incidence of side effects and just a single intake to reduce, in less than 24 hours, the annoying symptoms of vaginal yeast.

If you want to buy Diflucan online via our service, simply start a brief consultation with one of our qualified doctors, in order to determine the suitability of the patient taking Diflucan for the treatment of symptoms of vaginal yeast.

What are the benefits of taking Diflucan?

The biggest advantage to take Diflucan is being able to treat candida in a very short time. In fact, just take a single tablet of Diflucan to get immediate relief from the symptoms of yeast infection. The speed with which it operates makes this treatment one of the most effective among those present on the market. Moreover, another advantage of Diflucan is well tolerated by those who hired him, providing a very low incidence of side effects.

How does Diflucan work?

The active substance is a chemical called Diflucan fluconazole, an antifungal drug that can eradicate genital candidiasis through the attack on individual reproductive cells. The action of Diflucan will not only treat candida, but also reduce the risk of recurrence.

Who can take Diflucan?

Diflucan can be taken by the majority of women over the age of 18 years, who suffer from symptoms of vaginal yeast. However, women who have any form of liver disorder, suffer from heart disease or decreased liver function, should consult their doctor before taking Diflucan. At same way, it is preferable to medical advice even if you have a deficiency of potassium, magnesium or calcium.

Diflucan is contraindicated for pregnant women, for women undergoing breast-feeding or who experience any form of allergy to azole antifungal drugs.

What is recommended dose of Diflucan?

Assays for the employment of Diflucan vary depending on the nature and intensity of the symptoms of vaginal yeast. However, in most cases, the recommended dose to treat thrush is a single 150 mg tablet. Diflucan can be taken with meals and at any time of day, while its beneficial effects are seen in less than 24 hours.

What is side effects of Diflucan?

Diflucan is a medication to treat vaginal candida well tolerated, however, like any prescription drug, may cause side effects, though minor, such as nausea, dizziness and stomach pain. Only in rare cases, Diflucan may lead to side effects such as blistering and desquamation in the genital area, but tend to disappear within a short time.

How to buy Diflucan online?

You can buy Diflucan for the treatment of symptoms of vaginal yeast via our service conveniently online safely and discreetly. Just fill out a consultation form, which will be evaluated by one of our qualified staff of physicians, to assess the suitability of the patient taking the treatment to cure candida.

The online consultation is free and absolutely confidential. In the event no contraindications are found for taking Diflucan, the drug will be shipped from one of our affiliated pharmacies and delivered within 24/48 hours of your order, via UPS courier.