What is Intrinsa?

Intrinsa is a trans dermal patch specifically for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Intrinsa works on hormone imbalance by increasing levels of testosterone in women, and restoring sexual desire. Women who buy Intrinsa patches online will benefit from an effective treatment against the loss of libido and improve their sex lives in the long term.

* Improves female sex life
* It acts on the decline in libido
* Effective in 74% of cases

The decline in libido or low sexual desire is an uneasiness that often tends to be attributed to psychological factors alone. In reality, female sexual dysfunction and also depends mainly by hormonal imbalances that Intrinsa is able to recover by the issuance of testosterone. Clinical studies show that 74% of women treated with Intrinsa reported an increase in sexual desire and a substantial improvement in their relations.

You can get a prescription to buy Intrinsa online after completing a simple and discreet consultation with one of our qualified doctors.

How does this treatment for female sexual dysfunction?

Intrinsa is a transdermal patch applied to the skin, and is generally recommended that the portion of the abdomen or lower abdomen. The Intrinsa patch, when applied, makes a slow and steady flow of testosterone in the blood that causes the increase in libido. The Intrinsa treatment is proposed as a solution to the long-term female sexual dysfunction.

Who can or can not use Intrinsa?

Intrinsa works by releasing testosterone into the bloodstream, therefore it is indicated in women who have decreased libido or hormonal dysfunctions are due to menopause, ovarian surgery, illness, menopause or psychological problems.

Intrinsa might not be indicated in women with problems such as heart disease, liver or kidney disease and diabetes.

How to use Intrinsa?

For a proper use of Intrinsa, you must follow the instructions on the package insert contained in each package of Intrinsa. A single patch should be applied on dry skin, clean and hairless, in fact the area recommended for the use of Intrinsa is the abdomen and lower abdomen. You must change the Intrinsa patch every 3-4 days, which means that two patches Intrinsa covers the entire week.

If after 3-6 months of treatment there shall be no improvement in your condition you should contact your doctor and find a treatment that best suits your person.

What are the side effects of Intrinsa patches?

Like all medicines, Intrinsa also can have side effects, depending on the individual patient. The side effects reported with the use of Intrinsa, however, sporadic and include: rash in the area of patch application, irritation, itching and redness.

If you experience any of these side effects, it is recommended that the patch is removed and the application of a moisturizing cream to soothe the irritated area. More serious side effects must be reported to your doctor.

How can I buy Intrinsa Online?

This prescription drug for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction may be prescribed by your family doctor or, if you want to save time and embarrassment, it can be purchased online at our service filling out a quick and discreet consultation with one of our qualified doctors.

The answers given by the online consultation are kept strictly confidential but are necessary to determine the eligibility of patients to the drug. Once discharged the patient’s medical condition and whether the consultation will be completed successfully, your doctor will issue a prescription for one of our pharmacies regularly recorded within the EU. Will then be the same pharmacy to arrange for shipment of the drug by UPS in 24 hours.