What is Levitra Orodispersible?

Levitra soluble or Levitra orodispersible is the ultimate drug for impotence treatment that melts in your mouth without water. Levitra is manufactured by the pharmaceutical soluble Bayer, the company which manufactured the well-known traditional Levitra. The innovative orodispersible Levitra helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction achieve erection sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse.

  • Solves the condition of impotence
  • Levitra has efficacy equal to traditional
  • It does not interfere with gastrointestinal function
  • It works in less time with the soluble form

In fact, soluble Levitra does not interact with gastrointestinal and acts more rapid than classic Levitra, also has no contraindications to meals even if abundant.

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What are the benefits of Levitra orodispersible?

The new formulation of Levitra that melts in the mouth is particularly suitable for men above 50 years who can not take other anti-impotence treatments of age because of issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Levitra Vardenafil soluble due to the active substance is also effective as a dose contained 10 mg without impairing the health of the patient and without involving the digestive system.

Levitra orodispersible, practical and easy to assume it does not interfere in any way on the gastrointestinal tract, this is especially valid if taken after meals, unlike Viagra, Cialis and Levitra for which you should not consume food before taking the pill heavy or greasy.

In addition to the solution of Levitra that melts in your mouth in just 10 seconds significantly reduces the time for action, so in less than 20 minutes orodispersible Levitra is able to facilitate the erection necessary to achieve satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Levitra Orodispersible: How does this medication work?

Levitra is available in small oro-dispersible tablets dissolve in your mouth within seconds, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of mint. With this new formulation of Levitra that melts in your mouth, there is no need for water intake and can occur at any time in a practical and fast, even as a result of large meals. Levitra soluble is readily absorbed into the bloodstream, it acts more quickly than traditional Levitra and is a safe drug because it has the same content as the traditional side effects of Levitra.

The active ingredient Vardenafil content in Levitra orodispersible inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 and therefore, the same mechanism of action of Cialis and Viagra. What differentiates the active ingredient vardenafil Levitra soluble content is 10 mg low-dose, high tolerability and rapid onset of action with convenient tablet that melts in your mouth.

The innumerable qualities that characterize Levitra soluble make this drug for erectile dysfunction the ideal choice for many men suffering from other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and gastrointestinal inflammation.

How do I take Levitra orodispersible?

The formulation of Levitra that melts in your mouth does not provide for swallowing the tablet, as this is done directly on the tongue dissolve in seconds. However, it is recommended swallow or dissolve Levitra orodispersible, as this may reduce its effectiveness.

What are the side effects of Levitra orodispersible?

The side effects of Levitra orodispersible are minimal and in most cases do not appear at all. However, some of the reported side effects after taking Levitra orodispersible were headache, stuffy nose and slight skin irritation. Generally the side effects of Levitra orodispersible disappear within a very short time, or when the body is accustomed to receive the substance contained in the Levitra soluble. For more information.

Who can take Levitra orodispersible?

You can buy the new formulation of Levitra that melts in your mouth for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and over the age of 18 years. Levitra is also particularly suitable for men over age 50 for men suffering from certain diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes and gastrointestinal inflammation.

In fact, if Viagra, Cialis and Levitra should be taken with a traditional emphasis on foods that you consume, Levitra orodispersible makes no contraindications and can be taken even after large meals.

Who should not take Levitra orodispersible?

Levitra that melts in your mouth should not be taken by men taking nitrates, nitroglycerin or some anti-arrhythmic drugs. Also, if you suffer from heart disease, disorders of the liver, or kidney dysfunction requiring dialysis, it’s best to consult a doctor before deciding to buy Levitra Orodispersible.

How can I buy Levitra Orodispersible online?

The innovative formulation of Levitra orodispersible can be bought easily and safely via our service. Being a prescription drug, like Levitra and other traditional nonsteroidal anti impotence medication, Levitra Orodispersible requires a prescription.

Through online counseling provided by our medical staff you can get a prescription to buy Levitra orodispersible. Just fill out a short medical questionnaire and if the you have no contraindication to take Levitra soluble, one of our affiliated pharmacy will ship Levitra Orodispersible drug within 24 hours via the UPS courier. Shipment will be made in a completely discreet and you can track your package with identification number that will be mailed to you by email.