What is Lipobind?

Lipobind is an approved medical device. It limits the amount of fat you absorb from your food, and this makes it easy to live healthier. It is the daily assistance that allows you to enjoy your food again – and simultaneously to your body.
Lipobind consists of insoluble plant fibers of the prickly pear, which bind dietary fat as soon as they come in contact with them in the stomach.

Since the Lipobind complex is too large to pass through the cell layers of the small intestine, the fat can not be absorbed into the body – it is excreted naturally with a bowel movement.

Lipobind tablets can help you keep your weight under control and prevent further weight gain. In conjunction with a fat-and calorie-restricted diet and adequate physical activity is an effective Lipobind help to reduce excess body weight.

Benefits at a Glance:

* clinically proven medical device
* proven safety
* Only natural ingredients

* ingredients from certified organic cultivation
* suitable for vegetarians

How does Lipobind work?

It binds dietary fat
Lipobind prevents unwanted fat is absorbed from food into the body. It contains plant fibers that bind dietary fat as soon as they come in contact with them in the stomach.

The resulting fat-fiber complex with the undigested fat is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine into the body – it is naturally excreted in the stool again.

It can prevent cravings
Another benefit of Lipobind is that it can prevent food cravings. The delayed gastric emptying through the viscous gel also ensures that a rapid rise in blood sugar is prevented.

Normally the body responds to a rapid blood sugar increase with the release of much insulin. This allows the blood sugar may be reduced so much that he often falls below normal. This triggers a binge. Lipobind prevented this effect.

It can dampen the appetite
Lipobind can provide a longer-lasting satiety. Soluble fiber from the fiber Lipobind complex form a viscous gel in the stomach. This slows the emptying of the stomach. It may take longer to re-encounter a hungry feeling.

It can lower cholesterol
Lipobind can help decrease elevated cholesterol levels. The complex also binds the fibers contained in the dietary cholesterol.