What is Paludrine & Avloclor?

Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack, consists of two types of antimalarial drugs, providing total protection from the malaria parasite during a trip abroad. Studies have confirmed the validity of Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack because:

  • Vanquish malaria parasite
  • Parasitic infection blocks the multiplication
  • It offers total protection for all exposed areas at risk

The package contains two Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack antimalarial drugs which, combined, make an anti malaria, the most efficient on the market. Buy Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack online via our service.

Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack: what are its advantages?

The main advantage of Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack is to provide an effective and dual action against a wide range of parasites responsible for malaria. The Paludrine Avloclor tablets will reveal also particularly indicated in intolerant patients or sensitive to aggressive medications. In fact, the low dose of antimalarial drugs contained in Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack greatly reduce the side effects typical of other antimalarial drugs.

What is the mechanism of action of Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack?

The chloroquine phosphate is the active ingredient in Avloclor tablets, works by preventing the malaria parasite multiplies by the bloodstream and more precisely by the transport of red blood cells.

The proguanil hydrochloride content in tablets Paludrine, prevents parasites multiply. However, the active ingredient proguanil hydrochloride does not stop playing attacking the parasite itself (as does the active ingredient chloroquine), but the enzyme responsible for the reproduction of the malarial parasite.

Who can and can not take the Paludrine Avloclor medication?

The antimalarial drugs contained in Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack are considered safe for most people over the age of 18 years. However, one or both of these antimalarial drugs, may not be listed in the elderly, in people with psoriasis and in individuals with severe liver disease, kidney or neurological.

Finally antimalarial drugs contained in Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack, are not suitable if you are intolerant or allergic to the active substances contained in them.

How to take the drugs contained in Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack?

You should begin treatment with Paludrine Avloclor a week before departure and continue taking the tablets up to four weeks after return. The course of treatment is to take two Avloclor tablets a week while Paludrine tablets should be taken twice a day, preferably after meals.

What are the side effects of Paludrine Avloclor?

Generally, antimalarial drugs in the package Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack are well tolerated, however, as other drugs may lead to side effects although mild and transient. Among the most common disorders associated with taking Paludrine Avloclor are: headache, stomach pain and nausea. These side effects appear unlikely if the tablets occurs after meals.

How to buy Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack online?

The Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack is available online via our service. To order this treatment against malaria simply complete an online free consultation to determine the suitability of the drug requested. Once the consultation is evaluated by a qualified physician, will be issued a prescription for Paludrine Avloclor, and one of our pharmacies will start shipping. Delivery will take place in less than 24/48 hours with UPS. With our service buying Paludrine Avloclor Travel Pack is simple, safe and fast process!