What is Propecia?

Propecia is a medication used to cure baldness. It’s a drug of German pharmaceutical giant Merck, which contains the active ingredient Finasteride. Propecia is able to effectively stabilize the process of androgenetic alopecia in men by acting directly on the damaged hair follicles. The action targeted Propecia stops hair loss and promotes regrowth of those lost.

  • Stop hair loss
  • Promote the regrowth of lost hair
  • Works directly on damaged hair follicles
  • The most effective targeted treatment on the market

The most common form of baldness in men is androgenetic alopecia defined as the hereditary component plays a key role in the onset of baldness. From today, the problem of premature hair loss, or distress to see changed its appearance, are all concerns that have no reason to exist due to the effectiveness, proven over the years, Propecia finasteride.

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What is Propecia? How does it work?

Propecia combat hair loss by going to inhibit the action of a particular enzyme that converts testosterone a particular hormone that harms hair roots, weakening rapidly and thus facilitating the fall. The condition of hair loss occurs in men who are genetically susceptible to changes in this hormone.

The action of the drug is to prevent hair loss by acting on the specific enzyme. It also helps hair growth and restore a full head of hair naturally. Albeit with some exceptions, the results can be obtained from Propecia and its active ingredient Finasteride may be visible within 3 to 6 months of treatment. If there are no significant results after six months of treatment should be discontinued.

The recommended dosage to stop the thinning hair is a pill 1 mg per day. Propecia can be taken indiscriminately both before and after meals.

Why buy original Propecia?

Propecia is the ‘only drug designed specifically for the treatment of’ androgenetic alopecia and baldness, unlike for example that of Proscar was designed to treat prostatic hyperplasia. Its effectiveness is demonstrated, and generic finasteride, which often try to prepare some pharmacist, not the results even remotely comparable to those of Merck’s Propecia Original.

What is the efficacy of Propecia?

In early 2002, were published the results of a five-year study conducted at the international level to over 1600 participants from sixteen different countries. This study attempted to answer the question whether it can stop hair loss over the long term. The conclusion has been reached has been overwhelmingly positive because:

* In 90% of those treated with Propecia Finasteride during the five years of research, has stopped the hair loss;
* 65% of participants have benefited from a steady re-growth over the next five years.

Who can not use Propecia? What are the side effects?

The use of Propecia is a serious drawbacks in the persons of women because of its active ingredient Finasteride. Like all medicines on the market may also present some Propecia side effects in patients who intend to use the medicine. Attaches to the five-year study presented earlier, the side effects of finasteride resulted in only 2% of patients.

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