What is Vaniqa?

Vaniqa is effective prescription drug, used to remove facial hair in women. The dermatological cream Vaniqa is a new prescription drug eflornithine based exclusively as an indication that the treatment of ‘female hirsutism, a condition that manifests itself in the face and the area under the chin. Clinical studies have shown that Vaniqa:

  • Significantly slows the growth of hair on his face until it stops completely
  • It makes visible results in just 4 weeks
  • It involves minimal onset of side effects

Women who suffer from an excess of hair on his face can now take advantage of an effective and safe treatment that may eventually help to overcome this condition potentially embarrassing and difficult to accept. Treatment Vaniqa cream can be purchased online at our service after a free consultation and totally discreet with a medical specialist.

What are the benefits of Vaniqa?

Vaniqa cream is a specific treatment for the removal of excess facial hair in fact, this cream can reduce the condition of female hirsutism in only 4 weeks. Vaniqa, as a cream for topical use, it should be applied only on the affected area, thereby limiting the side effects which might occur only in the area where the cream has been paid.

Moreover, among the benefits of Vaniqa, should be included also the economic factor since Vaniqa cream solves the problem of ‘women with hirsutism cost, in contrast to treatments such as laser or electrolysis, which instead are considerably expensive.

How does Vaniqa work?

The efficacy of Vaniqa Cream comes from the presence of the active ingredient eflornithine, which blocks the action of an enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase. This enzyme is found in the bulb of the hair follicle where it controls hair production. Vaniqa cream, by blocking the enzyme slows hair growth on his face until it stops altogether.

Who can use Vaniqa?

Vaniqa cream may be used by all women with excess hair in the face. However, women who are experiencing an unusual or allergic reaction to the excipients of the drug should consult your doctor before starting to apply Vaniqa cream.

How to apply Vaniqa?

Vaniqa cream is applied in thin layers to the affected area clean and dry, twice a day at least eight hours apart. If skin irritation occurs, you must reduce the amount of application of Vaniqa Cream to once a day. It is preferable to also use make-up products or any sunscreen at least five minutes after using Vaniqa cream.

It is important, then, follow the instructions to the letter as an excessive use of Vaniqa treatment may increase the risk of side effects and reduce its effectiveness.

Are there side effects of Vaniqa cream?

The side effects of Vaniqa Cream are rare and mild entity. Among the side effects associated with Vaniqa Cream are: skin irritation, ingrown hairs, dry skin, cold sores and changes in skin pigmentation. If these side effects persist you should consult a doctor.

How to buy Vaniqa online?

Our service offers a discreet, fast and secure way to buy Vaniqa cream online. Simply complete a medical consultation completely free of charge to verify the eligibility of patient to the drug requested. Once validated the prescription by the doctor, the prescription will be forwarded to one of our trusted pharmacies and the drug will be mailed to the address requested by the patient in only 24/48 hours via UPS.